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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Sonic Game Announced: Will SEGA Get It Right This Time?

This news was pointed out to me, by a particular somebody... (I'll give you a hint, he is the only other person working on this blog currently and his name will give it away.)

But there is a NEW Sonic game coming out! IN HD! IN 2D! Holy mother of Swiss cheese!

Anyways, apparently Sega has listened to their fans and has released Sonic Unleashed, but this time keeping him on a short leash, for good measure.

Although this sounds like the game of the century for the Sonic Team, you have to consider their history... Their past games have not been exactly... well... excellent. This is because many people disagreed strongly to the 3D platforming torture that has been a new found tradition in recent sonic games, but according to the NEW TRAILER this game will be built "from scratch" to avoid their past mistakes.

To me, this is both a good thing and a bad thing. First off, SEGA cares WAAAY too much about story line, and in doing so, they tend to force gimmicks and extra, unneeded, game mechanics (cough werehog cough). This means that, there is a fairly strong chance that behind the "AWESOME 2D AND HD" is going to be something along the lines of "NEW WORLD, 7 MORE RARE STONES TO COLLECT, NEW CHARACTERS THAT MIGHT AS WELL BE THE SAME ONES BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL. FREAKING. ANNOYING." If Sega manages to avoid that, then the game can have a fighting chance.

Secondly, I actually enjoyed the "Hedgehog Engine" from Sonic Unleashed, it was GOOD. The fact that Sega is "rebuilding" their engine, means that there will not be any more sliding, drifting, boosting, and grinding... or at least none that are similar to Unleashed. Who knows, they might impliment an even better engine, but all I am saying, is that the previous engine was good enough, and I don't see why they would throw it out so fast.

Finally, take a look at this picture (which can be found on THIS teaser site):

The tile set looks a bit familiar... Could that add the chance that this whole game is actually a REMAKE? Who knows? Time will tell.


  1. if its not a remake, sega will not get it right, look at what happened to "unleashed" what happened there? werehog? what the hell sega!?

  2. Nice blog, also, i saw your captain falcon video, ill help you too :)
    I loveeeee Smash.